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Update ~ [28 Oct 2007|08:46pm]

Nyahhh this journal kinda died huh ?
I wanted to post to say I'm sorry for not following through with the whole collecting money and ordering the fanclub membership. I had to think about it for a really long time and then I realized I don't think I'm responsible enough to handle people's money ect and make sure everything gets paid and in. I'm TERRIBLE with math and like figuring out who owes what, and then not losing money >,> ( I lose / break everything ) and I really didn't want to let people down or make anyone mad >,> 
With that said, if you guys still want to do that and have someone else collect and place the order that would be great ! I'd still translate for everyone. Its weird the FC site you need a log in and a password and stuff. o.O then you can get access to the blogs and everything. Its kinda dumb they wont let overseas fans in because it seems online >,> 
Also you could like post japanese song lyrics on here and I could translate. I try to do all the vidoll releases when they come out but if you want something just post it here. It has to be like .. able to copy and past though because I use this word processor to help me XD

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3 entries at once X___X ~ [31 Jul 2007|07:01pm]
Sorry guys XD Its hard to keep up sometimes and I've been busy latley X__X  Heres 3 entries at once, I'm kinda retarded when it comes to LJ so please don't be mad if my cut is a fail XDDD

<lj-cut text="7/30 - 08/1">

7/30 " National Obligation "

I voted today (*^-^)b
I was pressured into it. Its not like anything is going to change no matter who wins the election. 
At least I think so ( laughs ) 
We might find somethings out though if everyone becomes interested in politics. 

7/31  " Heavy Rain" 

The Kanto region had gloomy weather due to the early morning thunderstorms. 
The rain was off and on all day, and 12's Tooru and I went for a meal at our own risk. ('-^*)/
12 seems to be very busy because their new tour has started. Tooru and 12 you can do it ! (*^-^)b

8/01 " The intervals of rehersal

Today we had rehersal in Shibuya. 
During the break I recieved help on Monster Hunter 2 from " Demon Teacher" Giru. 
After all, I can have monster hunting talent too (;_;) 
The fan club blog has been set up. ('-^*)/
In the future it will be a fan club blog. 
Rame's " Very Berry Happy Days" 
The blog is continued. 
I'll come here to check this one in August. 
Thank you so much. o(^▽^)o
Please continue to keep up with me in the future. (*^-^)b

Okay so with that announcement about Rame's current blog being shut down, I went onto the fanclub site to really like read the whole thing and try to figure out a way to join and it turns out that the fanclub is not open to anyone outside of Japan. T__T 
If anyone here is in Japan or knows someone in Japan that is joining and can get the entries for me I'll be glad to translate them. I'm going to ask around and see if theres someone in Japan that is willing to like join for me so I can get access to the website. >,>

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Summer Cold (>_<) [28 Jul 2007|08:53pm]
When Giru was at the Liquid Room he had a cold that he was fighting.
Apparently I caught it (ρ_-)o
My nose is a little stuffy and I have a sore throat.
Its getting better with the medicine I'm taking. (*u_u)
At yesterday's in store like an edison event did I look pretty ? (laugh)
Today I'm spending time recovering. (*^ー^)

( I dont have time to do the pictures the right way XDDD I'm in hurry and I dont have time to like upload and repost XD Sorry I'll fix it later and if you want to see them its the most recent entry )
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Meld Park tour ended safely [27 Jul 2007|01:28pm]
At the Liquid Room .. and tired. Everyone was able to continue on to the end ('-^*)/
And it was a very good live tour. 
Also thank you to everyone who participated in the meld park tour in every place. o(^-^)o
I think we were able to improve a lot this tour. ☆
And also "Mr. Zipper" the creater of gloomy bear came to the live today. 
That is "Mr. Zipper" underneath Tero. 
Also "Mr. Zipper" brought special gloomy bears for everyone at the live today ! (=^▽^=)
Mr. Zipper , Thank you very much ! ☆
And, I also shyly asked for Mr. Zippers autograph (laughing) 

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The first liquid day [23 Jul 2007|08:51am]
The meld park tour has finally come to an end. 
In Tokyo our staff were all running around like crazy. Thank you to all of you. 
And Shouji mama had tero as a special guest on her show today so the site of FC also came to help today. 
And the person behind Tero and Shouji is ... Tero's older brother o(^-^)o
and all of the dear fans, tomorrow lets do our best to make the final live great ! ☆

I emailed Vidoll's new fan club today to ask if overseas ( specifcally american fans) could be able to join the fan club 0.0 I'm waiting on an email back but if I get one I'll let you guys know what they say and how to go about joining if its allowed because I REALLY wanna join it and I'm sure you all do to XD I said it was okay if it was just online access, they may not want to ship overseas but I'm fine with just online access to like everyone elses blogs and Jui's advice corner thing XD ( at least I think thats what it is .. I didnt read it fully im in history class XD ) Anyways I'll let everyone know (^_^ )b
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Now, makeup ♪ [23 Jul 2007|08:44am]
Today and tommorow I want to do better than I normally do. ☆
Lets have a happy live ! (*^-^)b


Like an Edison Osaka [21 Jul 2007|02:23pm]
Today we had an instore event at the Like an Edison Osaka branch today. 
The members all seemed to be enjoying Osaka until the instore event which was at 18 o clock
I had a peacefully eaten meal with my family at my parent's house. 
Moreover at my parents house I got to see my pet cat Fu-chan. The more I see of my cat the more I like him. Hes like my brother. 
I can't tell the diffrence between my cat and the cat in my book ! (laugh) 

I'm sorry if these last 2 aren't 100% accurate T__T This week has been CRAZY so I havent had as much time to spend making sure they are perfect u___u Its the basic idea though, and Im SO bad at katakana !!! I can read it but when it comes to guessing the english words Im terrible XDD I'm sorry ! I'll try to do better in the future, and next week wont be nearly as crazy busy *____* at least I hope not XDDD 

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[21 Jul 2007|02:00pm]
It is the finale of the meld park tour in Osaka where up until just recently we did many lives!
So much time had passed that the live in Osaka felt fresh even though we had performed so many times there
So time and time again we come to Osaka on the scheduel, but this time the live is fresh. 
For 2 days I had machinery trouble halfway through, I'm sorry ! (>_<)
However were you able to enjoy the special song for everyone in Osaka ( ** I dont know what song hes talking about >_<) It had been a long time since we played it. It reminds me of burning connections. 
I got a mamitasu that looks like my beloved cat Shyoko-tan, she is at my house Fu-chan is responsible. 
I was really glad to get a mamitasu cushion (=^▽^=)
The kitty is neatly coraboed and Gizacawayus. ( Im sorry I don't know what those words mean X__X My katakana skills are terrible ><) 


The end of the typhoon, One man at Hakata [14 Jul 2007|12:01pm]
In Hakata there is a large typhoon right now. Everyone that came to the live are very brave people. ♪
Althought I don't know if Billy's boot camp was really necessary (laugh) 
For a minute I thought that I wouldn't be able to do it (^_^;;) 
I think I have muscle pains (laugh)
We'll be in Hakata 2 days, thats fun. Billy is coming in winter (laugh)
We came to play at Drum Son on the day I started this blog.o(^-^)o
Thank you for two days in Hakata ! ♪

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Matsuyama Salon Kitty Chan ♪ [11 Jul 2007|04:24pm]

In Matsuyama the streets are very old and everything is antique looking. I like it ☆ The atmosphere here is really nice. o(^-^)o
After thinking it was for a long time, I realized that it wasn't a dead country after all. (laugh) 
In order to perform better I had Pom Juice, it made me feel settled in and it was really good   *** 
And of course, as always, Tero stood on his head and recited an oath when we got to Salon Kitty. (・ω・)/
And so it is Matsuyama with its old streets and castles. ☆

*** Note 
The thing about the Pom juice ... XD 
That sentance was really hard to understand for some reason. When I glanced at it I read "Pon jussu" which I took as Pom juice because I know thats Rame's favorite drink, but the sentance was about " doing ones best on improv, Pom Juice Showers, and something called MC" ...... Its hard because I know Rame says things wrong a lot and doesnt catch it XD ( theres an interview where hes trying to say Tero takes fast showers, 3 mins as long as it takes to make a bowl of instant Ramen and it came out " TERO MAKES RAMEN IN THE SHOWER!!" and then Tero smacked him and corrected him XDDDD ) So I figured he meant that he drank Pom Juice to make himself focused, more ready to improvise and practice for the show, and feel better. Pom Juice has tons of antioxidants ! It makes you feel good when your getting sick ;D  lol 
Sorry for all the commentary, I just wanna make sure I'm doing it right XD

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Nagoya was fun ♪ (7/9/07) (Plus a request post about Jui's Birthday ^^ ) [08 Jul 2007|04:01pm]
Todays live was really fun ♪
Tero-kun at the end of the encore .. realized he made a big mistake in the song. (laugh)
However he apologized at the live (laugh) 
The live had good energy and everyone came and left safely, so it was a good live☆
In this picture its Tero and a Roadie from Nagoya (right) and maya (left) 
We were all tired from two lives in a row.
Thank you for helping us both days everyone ! (=^▽^=)

<lj-cut text="Request~ Jui's Birthday Posted on 7/01">

<< I did this one on request from Suntea22 ^^ I will do special requests of certian entries but only if I have time okay ? If you want a certian entry translated you can email me at and tell me the date of the entry and I'll put it on a list of entries to translate. I'd love to do the whole blog but I just don't have time X.X but this way everyone can see the entries they're really curious about. ^^ I'll probably just do it this way and put the requested entry under an LJ cut, or if Rame doesn't post on a day I'll post up a requested one in replacement of the day's post. I hope this works for everyone ^^ >>

7/01/07 ~  Meld Park, the tour begins ! 

Yes, The first day of the tour was in Sendai. 
Its been a long time since I've been to sendai and Jui also. (laugh)
Also today is Jui's birthday ! ('-^*)/
The first day of the tour was wonderful, we were local* and it was Jui's birthday! 
As promised we got him a cake with a picture of best friends Vidoll on it. (laugh) 
The cake was really big, and Jui was happy. Tero also was treated to a huge lunch on the first day. (・ω・)/

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★Nagoya Star Festival★ [07 Jul 2007|03:50pm]
Today was the star festival live o(^_^)o
All of the members wished for people to come to our live in Nagoya ☆
Our wish was fulfilled ! (b^-゜)
Such a wish was like the Lima indian story (laugh) (*1) Lets rise tomorrow ! (=^▽^=)
After the live I took a bath and then took some pictures. (laugh) 
Well goodnight ! I have to get ready for tomorrow ! ☆


*1 ~ I have no idea what this indian story is about XD Do any of you ? lol 
If not I'll look into it later because Im kinda curious but right now Im going to go see Transformers XDD
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Peko chan is Expensive !? (7/6/07) [05 Jul 2007|04:46pm]
Today I wondered around the town in  Sapporo and bought souveniers.★
I found a shop that, by chance, sold Peko chan. The price was so high that it was shocking ! ( ̄□ ̄;)
At home some Peko chans are expensive too. ~♪

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Lovely Sapporo (7/5/07) [05 Jul 2007|01:58am]

Everything is Sapporo is always so wonderful (*^_^*)
It makes you feel great and the empty feeling you have sometimes goes away☆
But my foot really hurts (;_;) I think its from standing so long (>_<) 
I got a really bad blue colored bruise. I was going to take a picture but it was really disgusting. (laugh) 
But when I got to Sapporo it was so wonderful that I forgot it hurt. (laugh)
and Sapporo has delicious food (=^▽^=)
After eating all this delicious food, Shun was so full that it hurt. 

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